The European Commission has published a guide to good practices for the promotion and revitalization of local trade in the Member States of the European Union. In one of the 20 best practices the European Union highlights the e-commerce platform I SHOP BRAGA as an example to be followed:

"Launched in 2016 and promoted by the Commercial Association of Braga (ACB), this platform was initially funded 50% by the association and 50% by the “Comercio Investe” programme. The communication strategy was supported by the municipality of Braga. The aim of the platform is to streamline the traditional business of the city and to give local traders access to global businesses. IshopBraga monitors its success by counting the number of partners involved in the project over time and the sales made (15% of sales value is directed to cover the maintenance expenses of the platform, guaranteeing the financial sustainability of the platform). At its launch, the platform had 12 partners and this is expected to rise to 50 by the end of 2018."

The original document can be downloaded here.