It aggregates and centralizes supply on the same digital platform: it enables sales opportunities in the global market; allows purchases by current and future consumers from any part of the world.

Transaction business model in Marketplace

  • Specific and personalized access of the company adhering to the Marketplace to manage its offer (contents, prices, stocks);
  • Easy and intuitive management; 
  • Centralized management of the offer of adherents, orders, payments, dispatch, campaigns, highlights, digital marketing; 
  • Adhesion to digital loyalty card.

Business model with affiliate store online transaction

  • Centralized disclosure of the offer of adherents, campaigns, highlights, promotions; 
  • Providing each member of the online store with its own integration with the Marketplace; 
  • Management of orders, payments, invoicing, shipping, held directly on each member; 
  • Adhesion to digital loyalty card.